After almost an year, I have something to write about.

Where did the time go is the only question I have. It feels as if we started StirringMinds yesterday only, I still remember we were just experimenting about whether people will really want a co working space in the central delhi, near CP. And here we are today, with a startup hub in the heart of the city with 30+ startups on board and a lot more using it virtually.

StirringMinds is now a part of my life, lifetime memories that ain’t fading until me. Learnings that embraced the entrepreneurship DNA of mine. The long late night drives after office, working till night 4 and coming back office at 8 for morning meetings, the intelligent brainstorming sessions, hardcore weekend parties, all. My souvenirs.

The more I work with the startups here the more I fall in love with these people around, I see they risking their everything to create something out of nothing. Be it the founder or the teammates, everyone puts all of their efforts as if they going to change the world. But Yes, they all are going to change the world, some will create jobs & some will create a better world, but everyone of them will win , EVERYONE. Everytime they reach one of their milestones, they dance, they sing, they catch stars, they live. And that’s how helping these innovative ideas makes me feel alive. 

You guys Rock!

PS : Attaching the picture of the ROCKET MAN of our StirringMinds.image

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